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The flexibility of our teams, our large production capacity, our strategic stock of raw materials and the proximity of our network of suppliers guarantee you responsiveness and compliance with deadlines.

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Our services

Our fleet of 350 machines allows us to produce parts from Ø 0.30 to Ø 6.50 mm for a maximum length. 500mm. The series range from 10,000 to several million pieces.


Escomatic type bar turning machines


Bar type bar turning machines


Polishing and washing machines


Sorting machine ø default
(mechanical, visual, inductive)

Our services

We have a large production capacity for very varied fields and we have great flexibility of the production apparatus (variety of products, ramp-up, etc.)

Examples of achievements 

We produce different families of parts, where individual parts differ by one parameter (usually length), and flexibly adjust the quantities of each production.

Pin with O-ring

ø 2,000; L 14,200 mm

Sandblasted female plug with Palladium

ø 2,000 mm; L10,300 mm

Countersunk female plug and through hole

ø 3,200 mm; L 26,600 mm

Copper with partial annealing, golden

ø 1,537 mm; L 11,070 mm

Machined materials

As part of our production, we attach particular importance to respecting Swiss quality standards. To do this, we meticulously respect the materials requested for your project.

La fabrication de pièces mécaniques destinées à un usage industriel est un domaine réservé aux experts, découvrez nos matières usinables.

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