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The manufacturing of mechanical parts intended for industrial use is a field reserved for experts. Indeed, the harsh conditions to which the elements created during their use and life will be subjected require that they be designed using precise methods on the one hand, and from specific materials on the other.

The success of any precision part begins with the quality and choice of raw material. Each alloy has unique characteristics that require experience in manufacturing and processing to determine the best manufacturing process.

we are able to advise you on the choice of raw materials depending on the type and final application of the component.

In order to guarantee the traceability of the material used, a material certificate is systematically provided with the delivered parts.




Nickel silver

Stainless steel

Hardenable steel


Mastery of machining, recycling and stock optimization

Discover our environmental commitment at Codec SA in the development of materials without Pb and Rohs compliant with particular attention to the metal recycling chain.

La fabrication de pièces mécaniques destinées à un usage industriel est un domaine réservé aux experts, découvrez nos matières usinables.

Examples of achievements 

We produce different part families, where individual parts differ by one parameter (usually length), and flexibly adjust the quantities of each part.

Long axle for stainless steel furniture hinge Ø 1,507 mm; Length 85,300 mm

ø 1.507; L 85,300 mm

Steel lock piece 

Ø 9,000 mm; Length 11,000 mm

Razor shaft, hardened, passivated, demamagnetized in chrome steel

Ø 1,800 mm; Lg 14,300 mm

Profiled brass contact 

Ø 4,000 mm; Length 13,600 mm