In our bar turning department, we have a fleet of state-of-the-art numerically controlled machines, which allows us to manufacture products in small, medium or large series. From our single-spindles to multi-spindles, our modern production equipment allows us to carry out the turning of very complex parts in a variety of materials and dimensions ranging from Ø 0.30 to 6.50 mm, max. length. 500mm.

ESCO turning

We have a diverse assortment of bar turning machines, including cam-type ESCO bar turning machines as well as automatic CNC models. The choice of the type of machine to use is determined both by the complexity of the part to be manufactured and by the production volume required. It should be noted that our company currently has 245 Escomatic type turning machines.


Escomatic type bar turning machines

CNC bar turning

Equipped with 30 bar turning machines, as well as a technological flagship in our bar turning department, our company has a fleet of latest generation numerically controlled machines. This technology allows us to manufacture products in small, medium or large series. Whether with our single-spindles or our multi-spindles, our modern production equipment is capable of turning extremely complex parts in a varied range of materials and dimensions, ranging from Ø 0.50 mm to 20.00 mm.


Bar type bar turning machines

The materials that we
use in turning

As part of our bar turning process, we attach particular importance to compliance with Swiss quality standards. To do this, we meticulously respected the materials you requested for each project.

La fabrication de pièces mécaniques destinées à un usage industriel est un domaine réservé aux experts, découvrez nos matières usinables.

Examples of achievements 

We produce different part families, where individual parts differ by one parameter (usually length), and flexibly adjust the quantities of each part.

Steel plug, hardened, passivated

ø0.760; L 2,150 mm

Axle for Lego toys with blue zingugae

ø 2,500 mm; L 38,500 mm

Profile nut, tapped, nickel-plated

ø 2,000 mm; L 0.800 mm

Hearing aid pin

ø 0.190 mm; L 1,900 mm

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Production capacity

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