Company policy

Assurer notre pérennité, satisfaire les besoins de nos clients, assurer le bien-être des collaborateurs, voici notre politique de l'entreprise

Ensure the sustainability of the company and the group and achieve the objectives of the Board of Directors by:


  • A choice of small turned parts with constant improvement of company processes.
  • A diversified clientele from multiple sectors of activity with a geographic distribution on all continents.
  • Internal or external training for employees and apprentices, while ensuring versatility of workstations.
  • Independence in the manufacturing of tools for the specific field
    Escomatic machines.
  • A network of competent suppliers able to satisfy our needs in terms of quality, price and deadlines.
  • An organization based on the ISO 9001-2015 system and optimization with a pooling of all processes and the organization of the Codec Group.
  • Promotion of a CSR (corporate social responsibility) policy which is consistent with respect for sustainable development.


Satisfy the needs of our customers by:

  • A partnership adapted to their needs, and according to our possibilities while respecting deadlines, quality and price calculated according to the reality of costs.


Ensure the well-being of employees by:

  • Health protection and safety at work in an environment of order and cleanliness in line with the staff charter and company regulations.
  • Communication adapted to the circumstances with listening to personal ambitions for the study of training, advice or support in relation to the needs of the company.
  • Fair and motivating equal pay between women and men

Energy and the environment
at the heart of our company

Discover our environmental commitment at Codec SA: solar panels, water treatment and heat recovery for minimal impact on the environment.

La fabrication de pièces mécaniques destinées à un usage industriel est un domaine réservé aux experts, découvrez nos matières usinables.