We put our expertise at the service of the medical industry by producing high-precision parts for a diverse range of medical applications. Through our commitment to innovation and advanced manufacturing processes, we are able to provide critical components that meet the most stringent safety and quality requirements. As a strategic partner, we are committed to providing tailor-made solutions meeting the specific needs of our clients in the medical field.

Examples of achievements 

Our production is accompanied by a quality department which ensures full documentation and traceability.

Stainless steel part

ø2.89mm; L 7.37mm

Brass piece

ø 3.40 mm; L 19.68mm

Brass piece

ø2.35mm; L 9.50 mm

Chrome steel part

ø 1.60 mm; L 19.00 mm

Brass piece

ø 2.00 mm; L 0.80 mm

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