We have a large production capacity for very varied fields and we have great flexibility of the production apparatus (variety of products, ramp-up, etc.)

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Production capacity


In our bar turning department, we have a fleet of state-of-the-art numerically controlled machines, which allows us to manufacture products in small, medium or large series. From our single-spindles to multi-spindles, our modern production equipment allows us to carry out the turning of very complex parts in a variety of materials and dimensions ranging from Ø 0.30 to 6.50 mm, max. length. 500mm.

Décolletage Escomatic et CNC chez Codec SA
Terminaison et Traitements chez Codec SA


We guarantee perfect finishing quality thanks to high-performance washing machines, an efficient polishing workshop and a network of partners specializing in heat and surface treatments. On request and on the basis of defined criteria, we carry out specific sorting to achieve zero defects.


We ensure an optimized production flow integrating proven and ISO 9001-2015 certified control processes. The combination of know-how and competitiveness of our teams guarantees you a high level of productivity and “Swiss made” quality at a recognized level of efficiency. Each step of the manufacturing process aims to obtain impeccable quality.

Le capital humain est le bien le plus précieux de notre entreprise. C’est pourquoi nous accordons une attention particulière à notre équipe.
Notre stock et la proximité de notre réseau vous garantissent un respect des délais au sein de notre départememt de Logistique et Exportations

Logistics & Exports

Our great flexibility, large production capacity, stockholding policy for commodities and the proximity of our network of suppliers ensure maximum reactivity and our capacity to work to agreed deadlines. We ship our products worldwide. The parts are conditioned for transport according to their configuration and destination, which is a service our customers value very much.


We cultivate the diversity and richness of our skills to serve our clients. Our Technical Research and Development Office has the capacity to adapt our machines to your needs, whatever the complexity of your request and the challenge to be met.


Nous cultivons la diversité et la richesse de nos compétences. Notre service de Recherche et Développement adapte nos machines à vos besoins.
Notre stock et la proximité de notre réseau vous garantissent un respect des délais au sein de notre départememt de Logistique et Exportations

Maintenance & Tools

Our team is committed day after day to maintain our machine stock at the top of its capacity to ensure an immediate and efficient service in the event of unexpected issues. Our maintenance department’s ability to respond promptly combined to their know-how guarantees our customers a high level of productivity.

Environment & Safety

We strive in each stage of the manufacturing process to minimize the impact on the environment as much as possible and to obtain impeccable quality.

The systematic treatment of air and water internally, as well as waste by specialists, ensures a good ecological balance sheet. The controls imposed by the State confirm that our level is already very high compared to world standards.

Découvrez notre politique environnemental chez Codec SA : panneaux solaires, traitement des eaux et récupération de chaleur.
La satisfaction du client est une des missions premières de notre entreprise. Nos partenaires vont également dans ce sens.


Keeping customer satisfaction high is Codec’s prime mission. Our know-how combined to our expertise and our team’s dynamism enables us to offer maximum optimisation for our products so as to create a win-win bargaining relationship with our customers.